Educate Your Heirs

February 20, 2020  // BAM Article

Wealth Advisor Connie Brezik looks at why one of the best gifts you can leave your heirs is education about money in general and your financial affairs specifically. Read more  Read More

The SECURE Act and Student Loan Repayments: The Gift of Options

February 4, 2020  // BAM Article

The SECURE act expands qualified education expenses under the rules governing 529 college savings plans that affect families saving for college or paying off student loans. Read more  Read More

Does Your Financial Plan Need Attention? Try This

February 4, 2020  // BAM Article

If your goal is progress toward your financial goals for 2020 and beyond, February is a perfect time to address talk with your wealth advisor. Read more  Read More

The Promise of a New Career: Understanding the Finances of Your New Job

January 29, 2020  // BAM Article

You've landed a new job. Congrats! Keep in mind, though, that the financial implications extend further than just salary. Wealth Advisor Kurt Wunderlich raises some planning items to address when switching gigs. Read more  Read More

Viewing Management Fees on Reinsurance Interval Funds Through the Correct Lens

January 22, 2020  // BAM Article

When evaluating how much your reinsurance fund costs, don't just look at the expense ratio. Rather, writes Larry Swedroe, look at the value it adds relative to the expense ratio. Read more  Read More

Make life easier in 2020

January 16, 2020  // BAM Article

Got goals? Wealth Advisor Connie Brezik looks at a few practical approaches to removing obstacles, solving problems, and finding peace in 2020. Read more  Read More

Active Management’s Persistent Failure to Persistently Outperform

January 14, 2020  // BAM Article

Regardless of asset class or style focus, few active fund managers consistently outperformed their peers. Larry Swedroe surveys data from the latest SPIVA persistence scorecard. Read more  Read More

Crafting Your Spending and Savings Plan: Unlocking the Door to Financial Freedom

December 31, 2019  // BAM Article

Bethany Ketron shares six simple steps to create a spending and savings plan aligned with your goals. Read more  Read More

Recency Bias Erodes Discipline and Destroys Investor Returns: Reconsidering Reinsurance

December 9, 2019  // BAM Article

Resisting recency bias, writes Larry Swedroe, is the key to earning the premiums available from all risk assets, including reinsurance. Read more  Read More

Turning a Saver Into a Spender

December 5, 2019  // BAM Article

Know a reluctant spender? Someone who sees it as part of a proud lifestyle, a badge of honor? Wealth Advisor Connie Brezik offers ways that even ardent savers can feel more secure about spending money in retirement. Read more  Read More

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