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Charitable Giving

Using your wealth to support causes and organizations that you care about most should be a positive and fulfilling experience. So we make sure your specific values and causes are woven into your larger financial plan. By helping you maximize these efforts, and implement a sound strategy, we can put you in a position to make an even bigger difference in the world.

What you may be thinking:

  • How do I maximize my charitable donations?
  • Is there a more tax-efficient way to make donations to my favorite charity?
  • How can I continue to make an impact with the organizations I care about when I’m no longer around?
  • How can I instill philanthropic values in my kids and future generations?

Our Approach

When we work with clients to plan charitable contributions, we help them make decisions that align with their personal convictions. Together, we form a plan that can make the largest impact, and in the most tax-efficient manner possible. By helping to maximize contributions, we empower our clients to discover more creative, enduring ways to provide support for the causes they care most about. Because giving your whole self and getting more involved with the cause or organization can make all the difference for both parties.