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Squire Wealth is a full-service wealth manager dedicated to helping families, small business owners, professionals and others make the most of their wealth.

As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, we build client relationships grounded in personalized care, and strengthened by our “can do” team dynamics.

Your experience is further enhanced by our commitment to always advising you according to your highest financial interests, as they contribute to your personal and professional well-being.

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In addition to our team of top advisors in Utah, we are a member of The BAM Alliance, a community of more than 140 independent wealth management firms located throughout the U.S.

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Recommended Reading

Our team of advisors are constantly reading articles. Posted below are the ones that we found especially interesting and thought you might enjoy.

  • March 27, 2020 — During times of extreme volatility, many strategists say avoid panic selling. “The adage “keep calm and carry on” might, in the end, be the best advice for investors to follow during times of extreme market volatility such as the present. While it might seem counterintuitive to sit back and relax while stocks post swift and... Read More Learn More
  • March 24, 2020 — Bank of America said to “avoid panic selling,” since stocks’ best days usually follow the worst. Read more here: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/07/when-you-sell-during-a-panic-you-may-miss-the-markets-best-days.html Learn More
  • March 20, 2020 — Given the volatility in the financial markets beginning the week of February 20th, it’s helpful to review the state of the U.S. economy entering into this stressful period, what’s happened since, and some of the potential economic impacts. Here is my take on those topics. At the beginning of 2020, the U.S. economy was in... Read More Learn More
  • March 20, 2020 — This article from Dimensional: Lessons for the Next Crisis recaps what we have learned from past major crisis-related events. The information is very applicable to what we are experiencing right now. “It is difficult to draw useful conclusions based on such observations; financial markets have a habit of behaving unpredictably in the short run. There... Read More Learn More
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