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Education Planning

Funding a college education requires thoughtful planning to avoid or strategically manage student debt. That said, because the cost of higher education is often a moving target, knowing your options can be difficult. If you create a detailed approach for college funding, and know the right strategies, you can often get a great education without overpaying or accumulating more debt than necessary.

What you may be thinking:

  • When should I begin saving and how much should I be setting aside for education?
  • How much can I afford to help my children with college costs?
  • Will having a college savings fund subsequently reduce financial aid eligibility?
  • Should my children take out loans in their name or mine?
  • What are the criteria for qualifying for merit and need-based financial aid?

Our Approach

After guiding generations of clients through the college search and funding process, we know how to manage college costs, increase aid eligibility, determine the appropriate savings plans, and bring clarity to a process that’s typically anything but transparent. We can even help students discover respected schools that are generous with grants and scholarships as they compete for high-quality applicants.