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Retirement Solutions for Businesses

401(k) & Cash Balance Plans, SIMPLE/SEP IRAs, Profit Sharing Plans, etc.

Working together to bring goals into focus.

When you work with Squire Wealth Advisors, you’ll always have one, single point of contact. One person who can direct all of your questions – and who will coordinate support for your employees.

Behind your point of contact lies an entire team of skilled people, all of whom share both a fiduciary obligation and a commitment to do what’s right for you and your employees. Your team will cover all aspects of your plan, including:

Plan Design and Compliance

  • IRS rules are always changing. Your needs are always evolving. It’s our job to know your goals and ensure your plan is positioned to help you achieve them. We work with your plan’s administrator to ensure all filing, testing and disclosure deadlines are met — so you can focus on your business, not compliance.

Investment Selection & Monitoring

  • If you are the plan sponsor, you are considered a fiduciary of that plan—which means when it comes to selecting and monitoring investments, you’re legally held to the same standards as a trained advisor. We relieve you of this responsibility by partnering with a large independent firm

    to serve as a 3(38) discretionary investment fiduciary. We monitor this firm to ensure they meet their responsibilities.

Annual Plan Review  

Participant Support

  • We have found enrollment seminars once a year often isn't enough. Most people don't study investments or personal finance in high school or college, so they don’t have the knowledge to evaluate investment options on their own. That’s why we work with your employees on an ongoing basis, proactively measuring the best ways to help them. Our focus is on providing exactly the guidance people need to make smarter financial decisions.

Third-Party Administration Services

Record Keeping and Trust Services

  • Sometimes it almost seems invisible — but record keepers and custodians fulfill critical roles in your plan, from processing payroll and handling investment elections to trading and distributions. It’s a role that can be marked by conflicts of interest and hidden fees. We only partner with independent, fully vetted industry leaders who meet the high bar we set for our partners.

Owner & Employee Financial Planning 

Executive Deferred Compensation

Business Succession Planning

Give your employees the tools and resources to make smart decisions about retirement.

It's a fact that’s all too true: there's a lot of noise in the media when it comes to investing and planning for the future. Everyone, it seems, has an opinion on the right thing to do. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the knowledge, desire or perspective to sort it all out.

That's where we come in.

We offer proactive investment education and managed portfolios that make it easier than ever for your employees to select investments that fit their needs and lifestyle. Our two distinct approaches give your plan participants ultimate flexibility. Both are built with the idea that diversification is one of the most important aspects of investing.

1. Professionally managed portfolios

Our portfolios take much of the work out of the investment selection process. They are designed around levels of risk and expected returns – and are rebalanced according to these formulas each quarter. Our conversion and enrollment process involves helping each of your employees uncover their willingness, need and ability to take on risk – and finding the right managed portfolio based on their answers.


Suitable for investors who are close to their savings goals, this portfolio is made up of 80 percent bond mutual funds and 20 percent stock mutual funds. It has the least risk exposure of all the managed portfolios. 


This portfolio seeks to reduce volatility through a 60 percent allocation to bond mutual funds and a 40 percent allocation to stock mutual funds. Its volatility risk is low to moderate.


With a 60 percent allocation to stock mutual funds and a 40 percent allocation to bond mutual funds, this portfolio is subject to a moderate amount of risk. Appropriate for those that still have a few years to retire but whose savings rates are on track.


This portfolio of 80 percent stock mutual funds and 20 percent bond mutual funds could experience a higher degree of volatility, but its risk exposure could be appropriate for an investor looking to make up for lost time.

Highly Aggressive

Suitable only for investors with longer time horizons, this portfolio is made up entirely of stock mutual funds and therefore has a high degree of volatility.

2. Individual fund selection

If your employees prefer to create their own portfolios, all of our underlying investments are also available individually. This may be the best choice for those who want to incorporate their assets with other investments, or if they work with an outside advisor.