Success comes to those who have the aptitude to see way down the road.

Our Process

A critical component to your client experience with our firm is the formation of a robust investment plan to guide you and us as we build and maintain your portfolio for you. Our broad processes consist of four steps:

Step One: Assessing your goals and circumstances. The investment planning process begins during the discovery meeting with a discussion of your financial values and goals, as well as your key relationships, existing assets, other professional advisors, preferred process and important interests. It continues ongoing as we build a relationship with you.

Step Two: Setting your long-term investment objectives. Considering the long-term nature of successful investing, we identify objectives for your portfolio that are appropriate for your willingness, ability and need to take risk and the investment horizon(s) you identify such as planning for college funding, pursuing business goals or preparing for retirement.

Step Three: Planning your asset allocation. Because it is so important, asset allocation is the first logistical investment decision. During this process, we determine what percentages of your portfolio to invest among available asset classes.  To improve on tax efficiency, we also advise on asset location: which investment vehicles should be located in which of your taxable and tax sheltered accounts. Finally, we add periodic rebalancing to restore your original allocations when market activity causes them to move out of balance.

Step Four: Understanding the investment strategy. With asset allocation and location in place, we want you to understand why we recommend investing the way we do – according to a disciplined, buy hold and rebalance strategy, using a low-cost, globally diversified portfolio.  By helping you understand and embrace the “Why?” as well as the “What?” behind your investing.  We’ll position you to overcome the greatest challenge most investors face: their own resolve.

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