Our Philosophy

What goes into good advice? It starts with YOUR best interests.

We typically use low-cost institutional managers who construct their funds according to evidence-based investment strategy.  We also diversify broadly to minimize avoidable, non-market risks, and we employ asset allocation as a key factor contributing to your investment outcome.

Our Process

The right process for the best results.

Success comes to those who have the aptitude to see way down the road.

A critical component to your client experience with our firm is the formation of a robust investment plan to guide you and us as we build and maintain your portfolio for you. Our broad processes consist of four steps.

Evidence-Based Investing

Put the weight of evidence on your side.

Replace guesswork with planning, costs with efficiencies, and emotions with evidence.

When markets are on the rise, many investors try to chase the hottest returns, only to head the opposite direction during the downturns.  Unfortunately, investors who succumb to the temptations of picking stocks or dodging in and out of the markets put themselves at a costly disadvantage.  We prefer heeding the academic evidence, guiding our efficient, cost-effective approach to capturing expected market returns.

Market Timing

Be patient, unless you have a crystal ball.

A careful plan helps protect you from occasional, unpredictable market changes.

Investors often inquire about the right time to enter or leave the market. Research has indicated that no one can predict the movements of the market for the next month or year. Just as with unanticipated events, if portfolio managers could somehow predict the future movement of the market, then prices in the market would already reflect that knowledge, and so it would be nearly impossible to profit from it.


Investor behavior drives investment returns.

Investment discipline is an investor’s greatest strength.

Take only those risks that come with an expected return, understand what you are investing in and choose an asset allocation that’s right for your own goals and risk appetite. Diversify your investments as broadly as possible. Keep an eye on costs and taxes. They make a big difference. And stay disciplined – change your investment only when your needs or circumstances change.

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