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Estate Planning

At its finest, estate planning takes everything you love into consideration. The goal is to create a practical framework for transforming the richness of your life into a lasting legacy that:

• Embodies your highest values
• Preserves your family wealth
• Protects your loved ones’ well-being
• Perpetuates your business interests
• Fulfills your philanthropic intent

In short, there are a lot of moving parts that must move together for effective estate planning. Wills and trusts, tax and investment management, business succession, insurance coverage, gifting and legacy planning, grief counseling … the list is extensive, calling for coordinated professional management. In close concert with you and your family, we’ll see to it that the right people, parts and processes come together in a cohesive whole for serving your highest interests.

Our wealth management team brings together:

  • Estate planning attorneys
  • Investment managers
  • Accountants
  • Insurance professionals
  • Business planning specialists
  • Philanthropic planners
  • Family counselors
  • Others who can contribute to your specialized circumstances
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