Market Volatility and the Coronavirus

March 2nd, 2020  // Recommended Reading

A Tale of Two Decades: Lessons for Long‑Term Investors

February 24th, 2020  // Recommended Reading

Hackers are ramping up attacks on retirement accounts — how to keep yourself safe

February 13th, 2020  // Recommended Reading

This is a great article on how to keep your retirement accounts safe. – Julie

Tuning out the Noise

February 7th, 2020  // Recommended Reading

The right financial advisor plays a vital role in keeping investors focused on what really matters. Tune out the noise, look beyond the headlines… Video credit: Dimensional Fund Advisors

Is homeownership still a good deal from a tax perspective?

February 3rd, 2020  // Recommended Reading

Homeownership can often constitute a smart investment, especially if you purchase property to rent out and generate income. But adjustments to the tax code have changed the way some people look at homeownership. Is it still a good means of reaping tax benefits? Tax breaks for homeowners If you own property, there are a number of expenses you… Read More

The Market Has No Memory

January 10th, 2020  // Recommended Reading

The Market Has No Memory

The 2010s: A Decade in Review

January 8th, 2020  // Recommended Reading

The 2010s: A Decade in Review

9 Simple Money Moves to Make Before 2019 Ends

December 20th, 2019  // Recommended Reading

9 Simple Money Moves to Make Before 2019 Ends

Do Implementation Costs Destroy Returns from Factor Portfolios?

December 6th, 2019  // Recommended Reading

by Larry Swedroe, 10/21/19 Do factor premiums survive implementation costs? To answer this question, I’ll examine the returns of live mutual funds to see if they have been successful at capturing the returns of small-cap and value premiums. As background, my book, Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing, includes a checklist of criteria that should be met before… Read More

10 Attributes of Great Financial Advisors

November 29th, 2019  // Recommended Reading

10 Attributes of Great Financial Advisors

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