Money and Happiness

June 3, 2020  // BAM Article

Contrary to the popular saying, money can buy happiness, but only if you spend it in the right way. Read more  Read More

Is COVID-19 Creating An Education Planning Crisis?

June 3, 2020  // BAM Article

Both as an advisor and a parent of teens, I asked one of the most knowledgeable people I know on the topic of college planning, my colleague Dave Ressner, a wealth advisor and education planning specialist. And he answered. Read more  Read More

What Illustrating Your Wealth Transfer Plan Can Show You at a Glance

June 3, 2020  // BAM Article

One tool to potentially enhance your wealth transfer plan’s effectiveness, is to create a simple, visual representation of where your assets will flow. Read more  Read More

What Is ‘Bracket Creep’ and How Do You Avoid It?

June 3, 2020  // BAM Article

We have had many investors ask us what in the world this is and, when they hear the details, what they can do about it. Read more  Read More

Kitces and Levine Named Industry Leaders

May 18, 2020  // BAM Article

Buckingham Wealth Partners Head of Planning Research Michael Kitces, and Director of Advanced Planning Jeffrey Levine were both named two of the 25 top industry leaders on the IA25 as decided by readers of Investment Advisor. Buckingham is one of… Read more  Read More

The Key To Saving More For Retirement: Using Your Imagination

May 4, 2020  // BAM Article

Wherever you are on the continuum from now until your personal retirement then, consider using your imagination to help increase your motivation to save for the future. Read more  Read More

6 Steps to Help Protect a Loved One from Financial Elder Abuse

May 4, 2020  // BAM Article

To help protect an aging loved in your life, consider starting on the following six steps. Read more  Read More

Charitable Giving Opportunities Under the 2020 CARES Act

May 4, 2020  // BAM Article

Here are some examples of how changes under the new law may be applied in 2020. Read more  Read More

Top 10 CARES Act Provisions You Need to Know About

May 4, 2020  // BAM Article

We’ve reviewed the legislation and put together a list that covers its top 10 provisions – from cash payments and tax breaks to special business loans and new rules around retirement accounts – as well as their essential features. Read more  Read More

Maximizing Outcomes by Reducing Taxes Over Your Lifetime

March 26, 2020  // BAM Article

There are really only four things you can do with your money: spend it, save it, donate it to charity, or give it to the government. Learn how to maximize those first three buckets and minimize the last one. Read more  Read More

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