3rd Quarter 2017

The markets proved, once again, just how unpredictable they can be. Despite geopolitical turbulence abroad and political change at home, capital markets, overall, remained quite strong — from the Dow Jones crossing the 23,000 mark for the first time in history to many of the equity markets having positive returns this quarter. This resiliency reminds us that the markets’ movements cannot be accurately predicted, nor should their ups and downs come as a surprise.

The way in which the markets’ directions, yet again, did not sync with common expectations or predictions only further affirms our philosophy and the work we do — why we focus on designing a plan that withstands the test of time.

You may notice that your report this quarter features a slightly different look. We are moving to an exciting new technology platform, and this quarter’s report was generated using our new system. The new format closely replicates what you have traditionally received in the past, but you may notice a few differences. We’re confident you’ll find the report’s format familiar, but please reach out to us if you have any questions.

What’s most important is how our new technology system will allow us to communicate with you in more innovative, effective ways moving forward. It is our goal that, by the end of the next quarter, we will fulfill a long-held dream: the ability to share with you more timely and detailed information than what you’ve received in the traditional, paper-based quarterly report. You will soon be invited to a secure online portal where you can access financial information that is updated daily and benefit from some new, dynamic reporting features. We look forward to sharing more about how you can start using this portal in the coming weeks.  If you prefer to continue receiving your reports in print, please let us know.  We are continually looking for ways and methods to keep you informed of your investments in a way that you are most comfortable with.

As always, it is a pleasure to serve you. We appreciate your continued trust, and we’re excited to soon provide you with a more robust, enhanced method for sharing the information you value most.

Teresa Staker
Teresa Staker
Administrative Assistant
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