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Squire Wealth Mobile App Now Available!!


Squire Wealth Advisors is pleased to announce a significant addition to the future of our technology platform and advancement of the Squire Wealth Advisors client experience.  This new addition is our Squire Wealth Advisors’ mobile app.  This mobile app advances our new platform to deliver online access to updated account information, customized reporting features, and enhanced client service.  Ultimately, you will have greater access to your account’s information, as well as an advisory team that is more effectively equipped to provide solutions to your most complex financial challenges.

Please take a minute and go through the following steps to take advantage of this new feature:

Step 1.  Please go to your Itunes app store or Google play store on your mobile device and search “Squire Wealth” to find our app.  Be sure to search “Squire Wealth” to locate the correct mobile app.

Step 2.  We encourage you to log in to Your Squire Wealth Advisor Portal Login via the mobile app to view all features of your client portal.

It is our goal to provide on demand access for our clients so that they have constant transparency.  The transparency and timeliness of data provided by the Squire Wealth Advisors client portal give our clients a modern, user-focused experience.

We are excited that this new tool will provide you with a more comprehensive financial picture. Not only will this provide access for up-to-date portfolio balances, but the client portal also opens new opportunities for document and report sharing, communication, and a more holistic wealth management tracking.

If you have any questions about Squire Wealth Advisors client portal access, do not hesitate to reach out to us at (801)226-7722.

Warm regards,

Squire Wealth Advisors

Teresa Staker
Teresa Staker
Administrative Assistant
p // 801-494-6047
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