2018’s Active Vs. Index Scorecard

March 18, 2019  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe unpacks highlights from the most recent SPIVA scorecard that offer still more powerful evidence of active management's continued failure to persistently outperform. Read more  Read More

Tale Of 2 Stock Markets

March 11, 2019  // BAM Article

There is clear evidence the political climate affects investors' views of the economy and the stock market. Larry Swedroe encourages investors to separate political affiliations from investment decisions. Read more  Read More

Financial Advisors: Are You An Explainer, Elucidator Or Enchanter?

March 8, 2019  // BAM Article

Tim Maurer explores how financial advisors can go beyond just sharing knowledge with their clients to truly inspire understanding and wisdom. Read more  Read More

Four Critical Elements of a Sound Investment Strategy

March 6, 2019  // BAM Article

Kevin Grogan shares with Robert Powell on The Street's Retirement Daily Podcast the four critical elements that help make up a sound investment strategy to reduce the risk of black swans. Read more  Read More

A Tale Of 3 Small Value Funds

March 1, 2019  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe looks at 3 small value funds and shows how their performance is explained by exposure to common factors-asset pricing models. Read more  Read More

2018 Report Card For Hedge Funds

February 25, 2019  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe takes a look at the mixed results across asset classes for hedge funds and shows why market efficiency has won again. Read more  Read More

3 Factor Investing Myths

February 19, 2019  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe digs into the myths surrounding factor-based strategies and provides guidance for those worried about how they could affect their overall portfolio. Read more  Read More

When Value Performs Poorly

February 15, 2019  // BAM Article

Jared Kizer examines the data and shares his insights to help investors see the bigger picture. Read more  Read More

Do Surprises Really Move Markets?

February 12, 2019  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe shares some examples where good news has led to bad results and vice versa. Read more  Read More

From Divorce Issues to Shoe Spending, Financial Advisers are Hearing it All

February 11, 2019  // BAM Article

From number crunchers to relationship builders, the role of wealth manager has transformed over the last 20 years. Read more  Read More

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