Why Active Management Still Fails

November 8, 2018  // BAM Article

A recent study only reinforces the important link between mutual fund costs and performance. However, as Larry Swedroe explains, its results happen to offer plenty of good news for investors on both sides of the active versus passive debate. Read more  Read More

Market Volatility and Equity Performance

October 31, 2018  // BAM Article

When stock markets drop, it can be tough to see past the pain and recall that your investment plan incorporates such risks. To help you take the long-term view, Chief Investment Officer Jared Kizer puts October's market moves into perspective. Read more  Read More

Examining Value and Profitability Factor Persistence

October 30, 2018  // BAM Article

One way to evaluate an equity factor's pervasiveness is to determine whether it provides a premium at the sector/industry level. With this metric in mind, Larry Swedroe unpacks new research that shows the value and profitability factors pass the test. Read more  Read More

Credit Premium: Fact(or) Fiction

October 29, 2018  // BAM Article

Jared Kizer revisits this question with a look at the historical justification for, and some facts and fiction regarding, the investment-grade credit premium. Read more  Read More

Time Is Not on Active Management’s Side

October 26, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe summarizes the recently released mid-year 2018 SPIVA report, which once again offers powerful evidence regarding active management’s inability to persistently outperform. Read more  Read More

A Guide to Starting Family Financial Conversations

October 25, 2018  // BAM Article

The decisions we make surrounding family wealth and lifestyle planning can oftentimes be uncomfortable. Wealth advisor Jeff Johnson breaks down where and how you might want to start your family's next important conversation about money. Read more  Read More

Be Prepared for Losses

October 24, 2018  // BAM Article

When it comes to understanding and then accepting the nature of the investment risks that you'll have to live with over time, forewarned is forearmed. Larry Swedroe puts the size and volatility of equity premiums into better perspective. Read more  Read More

An Awakening Bear?

October 17, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe offers some points to consider before you succumb to an urge to abandon your well-thought-out financial plan over recent swings in the stock market. Read more  Read More

Tim Maurer’s Top 10 Personal Finance Books

October 12, 2018  // BAM Article

In this video, Tim Maurer, director of advisor engagement for the BAM ALLIANCE, walks us through his wide-ranging library, which includes books that focus on financial planning, behavioral economics, life planning, and a bonus pair that aren’t necessarily about money but can help change the way you look at money.  Read more  Read More

Finding Fulfilling Work: Live Out Your Calling as an Artisan

October 10, 2018  // BAM Article

Finding a fulfilling way to work. Tim Maurer on living out your job, profession or calling as an artisan. Read more  Read More

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