Ode To Jack Bogle

January 17, 2019  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe has this remembrance of Jack Bogle's life and legacy as low-cost, low-fee investing's greatest champion. Read more  Read More

Be More Purposeful In 2019 With Seinfeld’s Productivity Hack

January 16, 2019  // BAM Article

Tim Maurer shares his system for channeling daily intentionality to boost productivity. Read more  Read More

Long/Short Portfolios Can Improve Tax Efficiency

January 14, 2019  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe unpacks research showing that relaxing quantitative tax-aware strategies' long-only constraint can drastically increase tax benefits. Read more  Read More

Financial Planning for Investors in Their 40s

January 11, 2019  // BAM Article

Tim Maurer goes on CNBC's "Power Lunch" to talk about what financial steps investors in their 40s should take first. Read more  Read More

The Sky Isn’t Falling

January 9, 2019  // BAM Article

To help investors avoid catastrophizing recent volatility, Larry Swedroe lays out some economic positives to also keep in mind. Read more  Read More

Investing for the Long Term amid Stock Market Volatility

January 7, 2019  // BAM Article

In a look at the historical data on stock returns following periods of negative performance, Jared Kizer explores why revisiting the market's longer-term properties can help put last quarter's volatility into broader context. Read more  Read More

Top 10 Personal Finance Books to Really Understand Money and Life

January 2, 2019  // BAM Article

Looking for something new to read? If so, Tim Maurer's list of his 10 favorite personal finance books could be a great place to start. Read more  Read More

Bear Markets to Be Borne With Equanimity

December 26, 2018  // BAM Article

When faced with stock market volatility, it’s critical to take the long view. Larry Swedroe helps keep things in perspective with a look at why disciplined investors have been rewarded for their patience. Read more  Read More

Do You Want to Buy What’s Cheap or Expensive?

December 21, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe writes that equity valuations today suggest investors are likely to be disadvantaged if they underallocate to emerging market stocks. Read more  Read More

Putting Panic Into Perspective

December 21, 2018  // BAM Article

There's always something to worry about when it comes to the stock market, but panic selling all-too-often ends in disaster. Read more  Read More

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