Investing Lessons from a Poker Player

May 25, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe on what poker players can teach investors about evaluating decisions. Read more  Read More

Choosing the Right College Savings Plan

May 23, 2018  // BAM Article

When it comes to saving for your children's college education, there's a wide variety of investment vehicles, each with pros and cons, to select from. Wealth Advisor Sue Stevens looks at what some of the popular options have to offer. Read more  Read More

Different Types of Skill

May 21, 2018  // BAM Article

The prevalence of security analyst skill stands in stark contrast to studies that show only a fraction of actively managed mutual funds outperform on a risk-adjusted basis. Larry Swedroe tackles new research into this apparent contradiction. Read more  Read More

5 Steps to Maximize Your Workday

May 18, 2018  // BAM Article

Tim Maurer lays out the ways you can sidestep interruptions and productivity detours by focusing your time and energy on doing the work you do best when you’re at your best. Read more  Read More

In Defense of the Home Mortgage: Not all Debt Is Bad Debt

May 16, 2018  // BAM Article

BAM ALLIANCE member Michael Evans on factors to consider when weighing certain financial advantages to holding a mortgage, and whether it makes sense for you. Read more  Read More

The Financial Perils of Old Age

May 15, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe unpacks a resource to help investors navigate the many financial aspects of elder and long-term care. Read more  Read More

Explaining the Disposition Effect

May 11, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe unpacks a study into how this tendency, called the disposition effect, operates at the asset versus the portfolio level. Read more  Read More

Is a Million Bucks Enough to Retire?

May 10, 2018  // BAM Article

Tim Maurer offers a simple retirement stress test and asks what is perhaps the better question: What number works for you? Read more  Read More

The Peculiar Performance of Private Equity Buyout Funds

May 9, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe unpacks research that shows private equity returns are more correlated with public equity than some reported results may lead investors to conclude. Read more  Read More

Chasing Returns Is a Hard Catch

May 7, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe on a study showing why performance chasing rarely succeeds. Read more  Read More

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