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Larry Fink: ‘The market will be higher in 10 years’

Re-Posted from Yahoo.com BlackRock (BLK) CEO Larry Fink is bullish about the long run. “The market will be higher in 10 years,” Fink said at Yahoo Finance’s All Market Summit event in New York.  He reflected on the darkest days of the financial crisis, which happened ten years ago, to illustrate that markets tend to recover even after… Read More

Happy, rich and young people investing in BitCoin on the bitmarket

The huge money mistake most millennials make

Re-posted from MSN.com A majority of millennials treat their retirement accounts like a piggybank. According to ETrade, more than a third of millennials make withdrawals from their 401(k) plans – and they use the money for a purchase, vacation or other personal expense. “That’s a very high percentage,” said Gregg Murset, a certified financial planner and CEO of BusyKid,… Read More

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