Set Your Goals

July 23, 2019  // BAM Article

Wealth Advisor Sue Stevens looks at some foundational planning questions to consider by decade. Read more  Read More

The Historical Imperative for International Diversification

July 19, 2019  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe looks at how home-country bias and recency can imperil proper international diversification. Read more  Read More

Why Dismissing Social Security in Your Retirement Plan Is a Mistake

July 17, 2019  // BAM Article

Wealth Advisor, Jarrett Simpson looks at why retirement savers who are too cynical about or ignore Social Security are likely selling the program short. Read more  Read More

Do You Really Want to Retire?

July 12, 2019  // BAM Article

Sick of your job? Should you simply retire? Wealth Advisor Connie Brezik looks at some of the issues, financial and otherwise, with using retirement as a way to resolve workplace angst. Read more  Read More

Preparing for Parenting: Staring Down the Financial Precipice

July 8, 2019  // BAM Article

Expecting? Associate Wealth Advisor Kurt Wunderlich surveys some areas from across the financial spectrum that you may want to address before your family grows. Read more  Read More

Life 2.0

June 25, 2019  // BAM Article

Wealth Advisor Sue Stevens explores what it takes to turn that second career or ideal retirement into reality. Read more  Read More

Your Home Is a Personal Asset

June 18, 2019  // BAM Article

Wealth Advisor Connie Brezik looks at why it can be prudent to think about your home as a personal asset, not an investment. Read more  Read More

Annual Portfolio Performance: A Valuable Metric?

June 13, 2019  // BAM Article

Wealth Advisor Doug Buchan breaks down why setting an annual performance goal for your portfolio is not only useless, but it can be dangerous. Read more  Read More

Important To-Do’s Before Sending Your Child Off to College

June 12, 2019  // BAM Article

Wealth Advisor Ken Rosenbaum looks at some essential financial tasks and other important to-do's you may have overlooked as the first day of a new academic year approaches. Read more  Read More

Factors Are For Holding

June 6, 2019  // BAM Article

We have met the enemy, and he is us. Larry Swedroe unpacks new research that suggests individuals do invest in successful factor-based strategies, but destroy returns through their poor trading behavior. Read more  Read More

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