In Defense of the Home Mortgage: Not all Debt Is Bad Debt

September 22, 2017  // BAM Article

Own or loan? Michael Evans on weighing certain financial advantages, and possible drawbacks, to having a mortgage: Read more  Read More

How Fantasy Ruins Football (and Investing)

September 21, 2017  // BAM Article

Tim Maurer tackles some common financial fictions, and their unvarnished truths. Read more  Read More

Embracing Downside Risk

September 20, 2017  // BAM Article

The VRP may have a lot to offer investors willing and able to embrace downside risk. Read more  Read More

Personal Finance Warrior: A MoneyZen Conversation with Kelly Gushue

September 19, 2017  // BAM Article

On a new MoneyZen Podcast, host Manisha Thakor and Kelly Gushue discuss women, wealth and financial education. Read more  Read More

On the Distribution of Long-Run Stock Returns

September 18, 2017  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe unpacks a Fama-French study on the distribution of long-run stock returns. Read more  Read More

The Financial Planning Industry’s Feminine Famine With Eleanor Blayney

September 15, 2017  // BAM Article

Manisha Thakor hosts Eleanor Blayney on a new MoneyZen Podcast. Read more  Read More

Why so Many Investors Keep Playing a Loser’s Game

September 14, 2017  // BAM Article

Given the evidence, why do investors choose to keep playing a loser's game? Read more  Read More

The Big Takeaway From The Equifax Hack? Only You Can Protect Your Identity

September 13, 2017  // BAM Article

The biggest lesson from the Equifax databreach? Only you can protect your identity. Read more  Read More

The Carry Factor Spans Assets

September 12, 2017  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe on research into the diversification potential of a multi-asset approach. Read more  Read More

Protecting Your Finances Following the Equifax Data Breach

September 11, 2017  // BAM Article

Tim Maurer goes on NBR to discuss some steps you can take next if your information was compromised in the Equifax data breach. Read more  Read More

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