Persistent Fund Alpha and Active Manager Skill

July 17, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe examines the research, and offers some additional analysis demonstrating how elusive a prize true alpha really is. Read more  Read More

Estimating Underperformance Probabilities

July 16, 2018  // BAM Article

Jared Kizer crunches the data to get a more realistic sense of the odds that four common factors will underperform over various periods. Read more  Read More

The Keys to Effective Budgeting: Autonomy and Automation

July 13, 2018  // BAM Article

Most people consider budgeting an exercise in repressive tedium. But it doesn’t have to be. Read more  Read More

Diversifying Through Reinsurance and Marketplace Lending Interval Funds

July 12, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe takes a look at how adding unique sources of risk and return can improve the efficiency of traditional stock and bond portfolios. Read more  Read More

Tariff Talk and Trade Troubles

July 11, 2018  // BAM Article

Economic and geopolitical news surrounding U.S. tariffs and an escalating trade war with China has produced a decent degree of turmoil (and even more headlines). Read more  Read More

The Long-Term Evidence on Factor-Based Investing

July 6, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe digests a study that uses more than 100 years of data from around the world to determine if there’s good reason to believe a set of common factors will persist, or whether they’re just anomalies that tend to disappear after they become known. Read more  Read More

Is Company Size Irrelevant?

July 5, 2018  // BAM Article

On paper, there is abundant evidence that various return premia have been larger in small-cap stocks compared to large-cap stocks. Table 1, for example, shows the value premium in U.S. and international developed large-cap and small-cap stocks going back as… Read more  Read More

Why Corporate Bonds Aren’t Worth the Risk

June 29, 2018  // BAM Article

Citywire magazine contributor John Coumarianos looks into research on the credit premium from our own Jared Kizer. Read more  Read More

Helping You Align Your Values and Goals

June 28, 2018  // BAM Article

Wealth Advisor Katie Keary explores these questions through a short exercise designed to help harmonize your deepest values and goals, financial or otherwise. Read more  Read More

Rediscovering the Size Effect

June 26, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe on a study that "saves" the size effect by showing it is strengthened when combined with other, newer factors. Read more  Read More

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