The Value of Pension Plan Investment Consultants

September 17, 2018  // BAM Article

Pension plan sponsors engage investment consultants even though the evidence clearly shows their recommendations fail to add value. Why? Larry Swedroe examines research that concludes there's an agency problem (that is, a conflict of interest) at work. Read more  Read More

The Mathematics of Asset Location

September 17, 2018  // BAM Article

Kevin Grogan walks through a Roth-versus-taxable-account asset location decision using after-tax asset location. Read more  Read More

A High-Level View of the Asset Location Decision

September 17, 2018  // BAM Article

Asset allocation and asset location are both important decisions when building an investment portfolio. Kevin Grogan, director of investment strategy, focuses on the asset location decision and how it can affect your after-tax returns. Read more  Read More

The Basics of a Spend-Down Strategy

September 17, 2018  // BAM Article

Having enough in retirement is a goal that many work towards their entire professional career, but most do not know how much to save, or the planning process to get there. Wealth advisor Bill Morgan takes a look at a strategy designed to minimize taxes in your retirement and legacy plans. Read more  Read More

Making Harmony with Money

September 17, 2018  // BAM Article

Wealth advisor Tad Gray shares an open letter to his children about the most important money lessons for those just starting out in their professional careers. Read more  Read More

A Guide to Starting Family Financial Conversations

September 17, 2018  // BAM Article

The decisions we make surrounding family wealth and lifestyle planning can oftentimes be uncomfortable. Wealth advisor Jeff Johnson breaks down where and how you might want to start your family's next important conversation about money. Read more  Read More

Factors and Emerging Markets

September 14, 2018  // BAM Article

Larry Swedroe unpacks research that shows factors work in emerging markets, too. Read more  Read More

Active Management’s Surprising Survival

September 12, 2018  // BAM Article

For Larry Swedroe, it's truly an amazing paradox that so many investors still choose actively managed funds. Fortunately, he writes, more people are taking greater notice of the evidence. Read more  Read More

Re-Examining Emerging Markets Equity

September 7, 2018  // BAM Article

Jared Kizer offers five lessons that reinforce some of the reasons investors should remain committed to a long-term emerging markets equity allocation. Read more  Read More

Determining the Nature of ESG Returns

September 6, 2018  // BAM Article

A recent study suggests that ESG investors can express their social views without penalty, at least in terms of risk-adjusted returns. Larry Swedroe unpacks its findings, and what they reveal about the equity factors that explain ESG results. Read more  Read More

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